Meet The Owner


Andrea Hampton grew up in Columbia SC.

She founded PMO during the height of a pandemic that shut down the entire world and on the grounds of her moral code to take care of others through service, being honest, and overall to be a great example to her children. She has always had the passion to empower others to be the best version of themselves. Through PMO she allows for nurses to be just that “The best version of themselves.”

Her education background and experience consist of attending district 5 schools, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in public health which she has used in caring for disabled adults and their families. She also volunteers her time in giving back to her community in helping young girls of her community and church.

She looks forward to broadening her passion for helping others by partnering with local decision makers such as health care administration staff, quality assurance, financial experts, nurses, and many other great leaders in the community.

Andrea understands the need for great patient outcomes, and the need for great outcomes for families, nurses, and overall great healthcare staff outcomes. She also understands that nurse staffing is not just about numbers, ratios, and filling gaps, but overall, our environment, and other factors that influence how healthcare is deliver.
PMO is up for the challenge that it faces for great outcomes in patients means great outcomes for all.